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CIS tax return


A CIS tax return is an absolutely essential part of the fabric of a construction workers annual workload. When done properly it can be straightforward and rewarding however if done incorrectly it can cause chaos and for that reason many people approach this task with trepidation. And yet we see, time after time CIS tax returns being handled incorrectly. They can literally, make you or break you.

And that is where we can help you.

A CIS tax return is the catalyst for not only keeping you ahead and on top of the very important legal responsibilities you have as a sub contractor or a contractor but it is essential they are formulated and administered properly and efficiently in order to maximise and secure the very most from your self employed tax rebate or your CIS tax rebate.

Well over 90% of the clients we take on, clients who have felt that their CIS tax return has been done properly, either by themselves or by very expensive accountants, have in fact, once we have inspected their tax history and their current situation, then faced the realisation that their CIS tax return has been mishandled and ill prepared, subsequently losing them thousands of pounds from their self employed tax rebate or their CIS tax rebate.

Our service can and will put a stop to you losing this money, time after time. By using our unique bespoke service, you will find that you no longer face losing money, oblivious to yourself, year after year, and will in fact begin to see a real solid self employed tax rebate or CIS tax rebate well into thousands of pounds and often in five figure sums, but will also enjoy the luxury of a CIS tax return fee of only £299, which also comes with the benefit of you never having to pay it yourself. We simply do all the work first and then deduct it from your rebate once you receive it.

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CIS tax return

The service we offer is unique and bespoke as we HANDLE EVERYTHING for you, which, in addition comes with the reassurance of having your very own tax agent appointed to yourself who will personally administer every aspect of your situation.

We, unlike many agencies monitor HMRC daily for all the latest developments in tax free earnings, entitlements and allowances, and each and every one of the many ‘hidden expenses’ that we can use to absolutely pin down your CIS tax return to the ninth degree.

We will offset a percentage value of your vehicle for depreciation, even your computors and equipment will be value calculated and depreciated giving you even more tax relief. We will analyse anything we can find that is suitable for 100% tax free status, we will even calculate a tax free earnings status for any occasional work you may do from home (make the odd call from home to organise work? we will get you tax relief for it). The list goes on and on – there are many allowances that if applied properly can be used effectively as business expenses that YOU are entitled to use. And this can make the difference between a self employed tax rebate or a CIS tax rebate being in the region of £2000 or in the region of £4000.

Which would you prefer? That is why we have so many satisfied clients who have come to us for help with their CIS tax return.

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CIS tax return

CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme which is a particular set of taxation guidelines laid out by HMRC and is only for the construction industry.

Within the scheme sub contractors are required to be registered with CIS before they are allowed to work on main construction sites which are run and controlled by the main contractor.

Whenever a sub contractor is paid by the main contractor an amount of tax is automatically deducted from their pay and handed over to HMRC. This amount is usually 20% so by the end of a working year it can be quite substantial and usually means that they will have paid too much tax, which subsequently means that HMRC will hand some back in the form of a tax rebate

This is where the effectiveness of a properly handled CIS tax return really shines. We have many clients who, not only do they see their self employed tax rebate or CIS tax rebate increase, but actually begin to receive every penny of tax deducted paid back to them. All due to a properly handled CIS tax return.

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CIS tax return

Simply click the ‘claim now’ link on this page, fill out the short online form and press send. We will then register you on our client list and a tax agent will be appointed to you.

Then, once it is time for your CIS tax return we will be in touch either via email or by telephone. We’ll get all the details about your working year from you however if you are not sure of some things, don’t worry, we are on hand to offer useful advice.

We then handle EVERYTHING. We create the CIS tax return for you. Let you see it completed, and once happy, we will properly submit it to HMRC on your behalf, through the correct channels, and within the correct time frame.

Once submitted we will advise you of any self employed tax rebate or CIS tax rebate and get that to you. And in addition any communication, letters, notifications that are then sent to you from HMRC over the following twelve month period we will handle and administer on your behalf at no extra charge, leaving you free to focus and concentrate on your own work and business activities.

That is why we feel we are the number one choice for your CIS tax return. What are you waiting for?

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