Tax Return Glasgow

Posted by taxback on  October 13, 2016
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Scottish Tory leader publishes tax return Do you need a tax return completing in Glasgow? If Ruth Davidson can, so can you. Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has published her tax return ahead of the Prime Minister. The unprecedented release of her personal finance details follows the furore about Mr Cameron’s shares in an offshore fund set up by his father Ian, revealed in the Panama Papers leak. Ms Davidson’s tax return reveals she earned


Posted by taxback on  October 12, 2016
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Starbucks pays UK corporation tax of £8.1m Payment nearly matches total contributions paid over past 14 years but critics call for coffee chain’s accounts to be more transparent Starbucks paid nearly as much corporation tax in 2015 as it did in its first 14 years in the UK, after bowing to pressure to scrap its complex tax structures. However, it still faced criticism for a lack of transparency that makes it hard to determine whether

In the interests of clarity…

Posted by taxback on  August 9, 2016
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LETTER OF ENGAGEMENT. Below you will find a summary of the service that will be provided in our capacity as your tax agent. WHAT WE WILL DO 1. We will endeavour to ensure that you and your work/business activities are fully up to date with all matters concerning the production and submission of your annual self assessment tax return as submission agents only. We will advise you of any deadlines that you must meet and

Housing Market Crash

Posted by taxback on  April 27, 2016
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Leading Economist predicts another Housing Market Crash ‘Look out, we are heading for a crash again’, warns William White, the central banker who predicted 2008 crisis World faces a crunch that could see a collapse in London property prices. Despite 2008 crisis being caused by debt, the levels have since risen Overall debt has gone from 200% of global GDP in 2007 to 250% now The world is facing a new crisis caused by an

History of Income Tax

Posted by taxback on  March 30, 2016
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History of Income Tax History of Income Tax OK, so what is the actual history of income tax. I mean, why do we have to pay it. Right? Who’s bright idea was it? Read on to find the culprit INCOME tax was introduced by William Pitt the Younger nearly 200 years ago to finance the struggle against Napoleonic France. Subsequent wars have brought big changes in tax. The schedules of the new tax listed sources