This is what we do.. (TAX!)


So, do you know what we do? I mean, like, actually, what our service is? Sure, we know most people kind of understand that we get individuals tax rebates. And we do it on a NO REBATE – NO FEE basis. (The clue’s in the title, right? Like, self employed tax back. Duh..)

But how?

Well, what we are is a tax agency and we are based up in sunny Glasgow. Well, ok, just Glasgow. We cover the whole of the UK and subsequently we have clients the length and breadth of the whole country. We focus on working with people who are self employed. If you are self employed then you have legal obligations that you need to take care of each and every year. And that is what we do. And we are fast developing a reputation as the ‘go – to people’ for help in this department.

We take care of each clients annual return for them. We handle the admin, the preparation, the submission, and the outcome. And we keep all clients returns on file so that if they ever need to retrieve it, and they have, shall we say, ‘forgot’ to keep safe their copy, then hey presto, we have it on file for them. We also, if instructed by you, carry out a complete historical overview and analysis of the last four years activity for each and every client once we take them on. And of course, we are especially tuned in to the construction sector. The amount of money that is lost within this sector due to construction workers either paying too much tax each year or of having their annual tax rebates at a pitifully low level is astonishing. Our aim for those within the CIS sector is to maximise their rebates, to the correct level, each year and every year.


And remember, at no point do you need to put your hand in your pocket. We don’t get you a rebate, then you pay nothing. Simple as. Simply press the ‘claim now’ link on this page and fill out your details and then press send. A brief to and fro between us via email afterwards, just to help us get a feel for your ‘picture’. And that’s it. Nothing too taxing. (Ok, enough with the lame jokes..)

So how do you get a self employed tax rebate? Just do it!.

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REGISTER YOUR NEW BUSINESS Striving for efficiency and maximum gain for clients in all matters concerning self employed tax rebate matters, CIS tax rebate matters, in addition to complete year round support for self employed tax return and CIS tax return administration. ALL on a no rebate – no fee basis.