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"There are countless self employed individuals working today in the UK and all either fill out an annual self assessment tax return or employ an accountant to do it for them, and for many, the object is to secure a tax rebate self employed status."

"What many do not realise however, is that they are PAYING TOO MUCH TAX. And most are either completely unaware of this, or, for those that are aware of the problem, have no idea of how to negotiate the procedures required to get every penny paid back to them."
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The service we offer

We offer a service that charges NO UPFRONT FEE. We will carry out a complete internal review of the last four years of your tax rebate self employed status and your Taxation charges completely electronically, and identify any areas that have been overtaxed. We will look to secure you a rebate of every penny in overcharged tax and have it paid directly to you within approximately 4 to 8 weeks. There are no headaches required from you whatsoever.

We do everything for you on your behalf and we obtain a lot of the information we need by liaising directly with HMRC as your agent. You simply calculate your figures from your own business records. We do the rest. As our review process is completely free, it’s in everybody’s interests to do it. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

Lots of individuals are unfortunately put off from securing their MAXIMUM self employed tax rebate, simply due to the fact that they find the whole subject daunting. The service we provide, makes a tax rebate self employed, we believe, unique in as much that the whole submission process is done for you. Simply fill out the claim now page, enter the basic details and press send, and that is that. From there we do everything electronically. Just leave it with us, and you may very well find that like many satisfied clients in a very short period of time we will be contacting you to inform you that your self employed tax rebate is secure.

You Pay Us Nothing!

We are happy to provide our entire service free of charge, and if, once we have completed our processes we find that you are, indeed, not due a tax rebate self employed, then guess what. It remains free of charge. No payment required at all.

However for those that do obtain an unexpected tax rebate, we secure a success commission of 25% plus relevant fees. And if as is sometimes the case we carry out a related task for you then any extra fees are covered in our FAQ. And whilst we recognise that each and every client is different, we have a success ratio of approximately 8 out of 10.

You could be a one woman mobile hairdresser receiving a self employed tax rebate. Or a builder who receives a tradesman tax rebate, or even, like many of our clients, a sub contract construction worker, working within the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY SCHEME who through our service receives a CIS tax rebate, or of course like many clients, you may need help with a CIS tax return or a self employed tax return.

The format is always the same. You the client, pay nothing from your own pocket.

If we do not find you a self employed tax rebate or any other tax rebate self employed then the service is absolutely free. And if we do, then we simply deduct our standard commission and fees. It really couldn’t be simpler.

No Rebate - No Fee!

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This creates for our clients a completely risk free, relaxed, hands off, service, secure in the knowledge that they have an agency working for them that is totally committed to success and not simply going through the motions whilst hoping for the best and one that is very much on your side. If you make a profit – then we make a profit, it’s as simple as that.

Who does it work for?

In terms of how it works, the principles are quite simple however the application of the process can be technical. To summarise, as a self employed individual you are required to account for your profits or losses by showing your income and then having that cross calculated against any work or business related expenses that you have occurred throughout your trading year.

Most people either do this themselves or have an accountant do it for them. Both approaches are perfectly acceptable however the end figures are then presented each year on a self employed tax return. This then allows HMRC to determine your tax liability, or hopefully, any tax rebate self employed category you may have fallen into.

However we find, quite simply that in eight or nine cases out of ten, when we take on a new client, despite that client having either done their own self employed tax return or CIS tax return, or indeed hired an accountant to do it for them, when we look at their tax profile they have picked up penalties simply due to not submitting their returns on time.

Our service is bespoke and specific. We appoint a single tax agent, focusing entirely on all matters tax rebate self employed to look after you from start to finish. That agent will look into every aspect of your taxes going back FOUR YEARS. Apply the HMRC approved expenses allowance that is available to your situation and then re apply them to that FOUR YEAR period. Once complete we then submit our findings to HMRC and within approximately 4 to 8 weeks this will hopefully produce a self employed tax rebate, or if you are under the CIS scheme a CIS tax rebate. Our average payout is £2000 to £5000 for tax rebate self employed however all tax rebates if due are different dependant on situation.

Who does it work for?

We cater for every single type of self employed individual in the UK. Whatever your work category we can certainly help you. We have clients who work in the service industry, and have only just become self employed. These clients may very well need help with their self employed tax return.

Or we have clients that have worked in the trades for many years, they may be your local plumber or a jobbing builder. For these we would look into all manner of tax rebate self employed categories. In many cases our clients are sub contractors within the wider construction industry. And these very same clients can of course get all the help and service they require with their CIS tax return.

And many more. From company directors to your local dog walker and everything in between. Our service is bespoke and unique to you and YOUR circumstances. Whatever the scenario we will guide you and assist you and be certain that we explore every avenue of your self employed tax rebate.

Simply get in touch, using the claim now page or the claim now links and we can take it from there.
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