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We are a tax agent operating under the trading name BACKTAX4U based in our central Glasgow office. We cover the whole of the UK and offer a variety of services related to Tax and self employed tax rebate processes and we work strictly on a ‘no upfront fee’ basis. Giving all of our clients the benefits of a completely profitable claim and a ‘no impact on your pocket‘ package.

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Our services include..

  • PAYE Tax Rebate Claims.
  • Self Employed Tax Rebate Claims.
  • Mileage Rebate Claims.
  • CIS Annual Returns.
  • Self Assessment Tax Returns.
  • Trades-people Tax Rebate Claims.
  • CIS tax return advice and implementation.
  • self employed tax rebate enquiries, both current and historical
  • improving CIS tax rebate

Whatever your category is and whatever you are currently paying, we are always available to advise you as to which service we think would be most beneficial to yourself. You could be someone who has worked as a sub contractor and never received a CIS tax rebate, or someone who has received an annual rebate but thinks it should be higher, we can show you how to check. Or someone who needs to see if their CIS tax return has been done properly, including all from the last four years, and if not, then would like to see how we can obtain a historical CIS tax rebate. Or are you self employed? Do you need help, or advice with your self employed tax return? Or do want us to check that you have not paid too much tax? and if you have, show you how we can get you a self employed tax rebate. There are many many categories and whatever your situation is, you can be reassured that we will be able to unravel it, even if you find the whole matter confusing. Simply give us a call for an informal chat, or indeed fill out one of our online contact forms or claim forms. We’d be happy to help. Or of course, simply click the link to the website best suited to your needs and circumstances.

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And remember. NO UPFRONT FEES. And only a standard commission/fee deduction on successful claims. Couldn’t be simpler.

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