self employed tax rebate

self employed tax rebate


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This page will explain in easy to understand detail the process and benefits that you can expect if you wish to receive a self employed tax rebate. A self employed tax rebate is a benefit that YOU are entitled to if you have completed your tax returns and paid tax, but have through no fault of your own been subject to over taxation. Often referred to as a self assessment tax rebate we will guide you through the complex intricacies of UK taxation and have every penny you are entitled to, in the form of a self employed tax rebate, to you in no time at all.

If you are self-employed and had tax deducted at source (this is often the case within the building industry), you will have to complete a self employed tax return so HMRC can calculate how much income tax you should pay,but they will then off-set that amount against the tax you have already had deducted.

Usually the tax you have deducted is currently 20%, however as a self employed worker you are allowed to reclaim allowable expenses via your annual return in order to maximise a self employed tax rebate. Any self-employed person with reasonable expenses will certainly have overpaid in tax and will be due a self employed tax rebate and from our experience, even though individuals often receive thousands back it still falls a long way short of their true allowance.

It is important to keep receipts or proof of purchase for each expense as they are incurred, better still to routinely file all relevant information. It is also important to remember any expenses claimed must be for business use and not personal.This information is really useful in terms of being self employed and getting a self employed tax rebate.

How much tax do I pay annually in the UK? (

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self employed tax rebate


Making the move to self-employment carries a huge set of implications beyond those that you’ve probably already spent weeks mulling over (from job security to whether you’re going to work at home, rent an office or hotdesk somewhere); as well as doing whatever it is you do best, you suddenly have to start thinking about things like filing a self employed tax return and taking care of your own accounts. Failure to take care of these can affect your self employed tax rebate and even lead to a penalty. However, don't be daunted. We offer a full self employed tax return and self employed tax rebate service that can take care of your affairs throughout the entire year.

Self employment tax is a different beast to that of people who are working for someone else; responsibility for tax and National Insurance contributions suddenly lie with you, which (if you’ve never run a business before) can feel pretty serious. Of course, it’s only human to delay doing stuff that feels serious because it feels like any mistakes will have bigger consequences.

However, it’s inadvisable to delay signing up to submit your self employed tax return, as you may end up being penalised by HMRC if you don’t let them know you’re self-employed as soon as possible.

But don't worry! Our self employed tax rebate service covers all of this and much more, leaving you with peace of mind, all of your affairs completely up to date, and most importantly an ABOVE AVERAGE SELF EMPLOYED TAX REBATE at the end.

(1) Struggling self-employed in UK would prefer salaried job security, report claims : unitedkingdom (

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self employed tax rebate

Quick answer. Yes, as long as you fulfill the following requirements. It's not enough to simply 'work for yourself'. What is essential is that you are 'registered' as self employed. For those who are not yet registered, don't panic, simply go on the HMRC's own website and follow the links on how to register. Once you have you will be issued with something called a 'Unique Tax Reference' which, as the name suggests is you're very own reference within the world of self employment.It is vital that you do this as without a UTR you can't obtain a self employed tax rebate.

Once you are up and running you will be required to submit an annual tax return every year which shows all of your income and expenses. Getting this wrong can drastically reduce a self employed tax rebate. Do not be daunted by this as this is another service that we offer and we can take care of everything for you, however it's of interest to note that HMRC consider a 'tax year' to be the period from April 6th to April 5th the following year. So please do not make the rookie mistake of thinking its January to December.

So this is where our service really benefits you and really helps you to get the maximum self employed tax rebate. Lots of people try and do their own tax return, and lots of people use their local accountants to do it for them. Of course there is nothing inherently wrong with this but as a tax agency we are all too aware of people missing out, all the time, each year and every year.

There are lots of different 'allowances' that each and every self employed individual is entitled to which, when combined and applied properly to an individuals tax affairs can soon make a dramatic effect on the amounts and regularity of tax rebates that self employed workers receive. It doesn't matter what your profession is, builder, hairdresser, taxi driver, or consultant. Whatever you do you are entitled to have these allowances applied to the level of taxation you experience and any self employed tax rebate you receive.

There are allowances for every mile you drive, allowances that allow you to invest in vehicles and machinery tax free every year, allowances that even give you tax relief for your vehicles getting older, there are even allowances that give you tax relief for the time you work from home.

Simply go to the 'claim now' link, fill out the short form and press send. Once received we will take care of you from there, showing you how we can get you a self employed tax rebate for you right now. But also how we can track back a full four years and extract a historical tax rebate, at the same time, in no time at all.

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self employed tax rebate


Self Employed Tax Rebate.

CIS tax rebate.

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Self Employed Tax Return.


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