CIS tax rebate. How we can help you.

CIS tax rebate

Another, more specific kind of self employed tax rebate is the CIS tax rebate. CIS stands for "construction industry scheme" and as the name suggests it is a scheme designed for those who work in the construction industry.

The essential ingredient of a CIS tax rebate is that if you are working as a sub contractor on a site which is being run by a 'Main Contractor' each and every time you get paid you will find that the Main Contractor has deducted tax from your pay. This is almost always at a rate of 20%.

This means that at the end of the working year when a sub contractor does their self employed tax return, referred to by some as a CIS tax return then it is extremely likely that the amount of tax which has already been deducted is far higher than the amount of tax that HMRC calculate they should actually pay.

And this, is what will lead to this kind of self employed tax rebate, or as it is often described, a CIS tax rebate. HMRC will automatically arrange for a CIS tax rebate to be paid to you of the amount that you have overpaid. This will either be electronically transferred into your account, or they will post out a cheque.

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CIS tax rebate

It's important to now highlight what happens to most people under the CIS scheme in terms of obtaining a CIS tax rebate before we explain how we can help.

Most construction workers either do their own CIS tax return or they have somebody do it for them in the form of a self employed tax return.

There's nothing at all wrong with this. But we have found that up to nine out of ten individuals who follow this, traditional, route miss out on CIS tax rebate opportunities. They either don't get a CIS tax rebate AT ALL, or alternatively do actually receive a CIS tax rebate but one that is nowhere near the correct amount.

There are a lot of reasons for this but the main one is expenses and tax free earnings. Everyone has an amount of allowable tax free earnings as set by HMRC and these are an integral part of CIS tax rebate, however we see time after time that workers hardly ever have this maximised to its full effect and rarely do they gain the full benefits of. End result? They lose considerable amounts from their self employed tax rebate or their CIS tax rebate.

Further, we have seen huge discrepancies on clients previous expenses claims entered on previous years self employed tax returns. It is very common for a CIS tax return or a self employed tax return to contain the usual range of work related expenses, ie, vehicle expenses, phone costs, materials, fuel, stationary etc etc..

But, why stop there? We see all the time a shocking absence of the more 'behind the scene' expenses that add up to on some occasions tens of thousands of pounds. The absence of these all reduces your CIS tax rebate. Things like mileage relief allowance. These are routinely missed out, overlooked, or ignored by individuals doing their own returns right up to really expensive accountants who, frankly should know better.

And the end result? You guessed it. People like you lose large amounts on their CIS tax rebate or their self employed tax rebate.

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Very simple. The solution to all this is the CIS tax rebate service we offer. And the great news is that you will never, EVER, have to put your hand in your pocket. At all.

We function on a NO REBATE - NO FEE basis. In short what that means is that once we carry out our work for you, if as is the case with 8 out of 10 cases, we secure a self employed tax rebate or a CIS tax rebate for you then we simply deduct a commission of 25% plus admin and processing as our fee. However, if as is the case with some clients, we carry out all of our work, complete all your CIS tax returns, investigate all avenues of a CIS tax rebate, tidy up all your affairs and bring you completely up to date, and still at the end of this there is no self employed tax rebateor CIS tax rebate, then all of our work is completely free of charge. It is as simple as that.

There are only successful outcomes for you the client. Either we will obtain for you a fantastic cash windfall, often ranging up to well over ten thousand pounds - or alternatively we will completely sort out and bring up to date your tax affairs absolutely free of charge

So how do we do it? We apply all of our skill and expertise to looking at a clients self employed tax return if we find that one is outstanding. We leave no stone unturned in the application of tax free earnings and allowances and we also levy EVERY ALLOWABLE expense, all within HMRC guidelines against those earnings that are available, and remember, many of these expenses are such that the client has never even heard about.

This in itself is enough to completely maximise the amount of self employed tax rebate or CIS tax rebate that the client receives and our average annual payout is between £2000 to £5000.

But we do not stop there. If instructed by you we then obtain from HMRC every one of the clients previous years tax returns going back a full four years. We then study, analyse, and scrutinise them for any sign that every allowance, expense, tax free category or tax free entitlement that may not have been applied to them.

But we then formulate a submission showing our calculations and we present this to HMRC along with a request that ALL OVERPAID TAX be paid back immediately.

And this, along with a clients current CIS tax return is what often leads to a substantial self employed tax rebate or CIS tax rebate being paid to our client. Very often amounting to a CIS tax rebate of many thousands of pounds.

And what do you have to do? Simple. Go to the 'claim now' link on this page, click on it, fill out the really easy form and press send. And that's it. We will do the rest.

Ask yourself this question. What have you got to lose?

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