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This is a great cis tax rebate example of how we stepped in and helped a client. This client had worked for some years within the construction industry as a joiner. However, due to a lack of knowledge and poor organisation the client simply hadn't bothered doing any tax related admin at all. No self employed tax return submission had been filed, nor any CIS tax return. And as for a self employed tax rebate or a CIS tax rebate, well, our client had simply never even heard of them. One thing he was sure of though, he was worried. He freely admitted he had committed the cardinal sin of burying his head in the sand. He had hoped it would all go away. He had by his own admission let the situation slide into chaos. He was in a mess. And that is when he came to us for help.

This is what we did for him.

The very first thing we did was reassure him. He had no money and he was having nightmares about being in all sorts of trouble. After confirming with him that we didn't want any payment from him, we would sort all of that out once we secured a rebate for him, and if not, then it would all be free of charge, we made it clear that things are rarely beyond our capabilities to sort out.

We then got to work. We re-registered him through our agency with HMRC for all of his missing years. After doing so we then guided him through some questions and answers with us concerning his earnings and spending over recent years and he got on with getting his records in order. We highlighted what was relevant and what wasn't. From that we then created a full four years worth of backdated CIS tax return submissions, all historically prepared so as replace the missing years returns. After confirming with him that he was happy with them, we submitted them to HMRC on his behalf.

And the end result of all that was that in a very short time, in this case, around nine weeks, we were happy to inform our client that we had secured for them a self employed tax rebate .In addition to which, he was left completely up to date, all affairs in order, and penalty free.

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And remember, at no point did our client have to put their hand in their pocket. Their total involvement in the process was simply to press the 'claim now' link on this page and fill out their details and then press send. And we guided him from there.

So how do you get a self employed tax rebate or a CIS tax rebate? Just do exactly the same.

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