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If you begin to work as a self employed individual it is imperative that you inform HMRC and register as self employed.

From the point that you begin working as self employed be aware that there is a time limit that you must stay within to register as self employed. That limit is three months. If you register as self employed after the three month limit then you may incur a penalty from HMRC in addition to which you may be required to explain the delay you took to register as self employed.

Also be aware that by registering as self employed you will also have an annual responsibility to submit a self employed tax return. Or if you are involved in construction and registered to C.I.S., a CIS tax return. Not only are these your legal responsibilities but they are vital as they determine your tax liability each year and may create or affect any potential self employed tax rebate or CIS tax rebate.

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register as self employed
Why do I need to register as self-employed?

If you have decided to work for yourself by becoming self-employed, firstly you need to make sure that you are actually going to be self-employed for tax and National Insurance contributions (NIC) purposes as HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will need to be happy this is the case and that you are not in fact an employee instead. It is possible to have two jobs where you are employed in one and self-employed in another.

No tax or NIC are normally deducted from any self-employed income (your ‘trading income’) you receive so you are responsible for making the necessary payments to HMRC. The exception is that subcontractors in the construction industry often have deductions made from payments made to them. This is what forms the fundamentals of our CIS tax return service which of course is what in many cases leads to a CIS tax rebate. You can read more about the Construction Industry Scheme ('CIS') on GOV UK

Registering with HMRC lets them know they have to issue you with a self assessment tax return in due course and issue you with reminders when your tax bills fall due.

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register as self employed
I am self-employed. How and when do I register?

You can either register online on HMRC’s website, (REGISTER AS SELF EMPLOYED) or by completing form CWF1. Alternatively you can phone the HMRC helpline for the newly self-employed ( 0300 200 3504). This registration process covers both tax and Class 2 NIC.

You should do this as soon as possible after you start trading, but by 5 October following the end of the tax year in which you started self-employment for tax purposes. Your liability for Class 4 NIC is automatically linked to this registration for income tax purposes.This is also covered within the scope of your self employed tax return and any self employed tax rebate that may occur.

The method of paying Class 2 NIC is changing so that it is not paid with your income tax and Class 4 NIC as part of self assessment.

  • Example

Novak started trading on 1 January 2015. The latest date that he should notify HMRC that he has started trading is 5 October 2015.

If you do not register by three months from becoming self employed you may have to pay a penalty.

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register as self employed
What happens after I register?

Each year, shortly after 5 April, you will automatically be sent a tax return to complete or, if you have previously lodged your tax return online, a reminder to lodge your tax return online.

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register as self employed

Very simple. If you are newly registered as self employed, or indeed if you have been registered for some time, our service is set up so that we can look after all of your affairs for you. By using our service you can relax in the knowledge that your main focus can then be entirely driven towards your work, taking care of business, and hopefully building up your work/ business profile. All of the technical tax related matters are done for you.

Each and every year we, as your tax agents, will compile and create your self employed tax return or your CIS tax return. And as an organisation that has at it's heart tax rebates for our clients, we will leave no potential stone unturned in our analysis of your situation and circumstances that could potentially lead to a self employed tax rebate or a CIS tax rebate.

All you need to do to register with us as a client is click on one of the claim now links on this page, fill out the short online form and then press send. It is as simple as that. From there we will register you as a client and from that point forward we will offer you full twelve month support with your very own appointed tax agent at an extremely low cost which in the vast majority of cases does not involve our clients actually paying us a penny of their own money. We simply deduct our fees from any resulting rebate. All of our work for you is initially done first with no payments made from you.

Take a look at our relevant pages for more info on our charges and specific services.

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