Self Employed Tax Back FAQ

Let us answer a few of the questions about claiming a tax rebate if you are self employed. What exactly can you claim for? How much should you be paying in tax? What are the commissions or fees? We have the answers. Please read over the Self Employed Tax Back FAQ and Contact Us to make your claim before the deadlines.

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  • I already have an accountant.

    The vast majority of our clients have really good accountants who do a great job for them. And we still get them a rebate! Its important to be clear, we are in no way criticising accountants or suggesting they have done something wrong.

    Not at all. Its simply that there are often different methods within taxation of approaching the same scenario. All of them are correct and none of them are wrong. We find that by applying some thought and diligence as to ‘which is the best for each individual’ we can identify areas where the client is entitled to a rebate and from then we can use the correct procedures to obtain it for them.

  • I do my own Tax Returns and I think I have done everything correctly.

    Again, we have countless clients who are really ‘on the ball’ and do a really efficient job of keeping themselves up to date. And again, we still get them a rebate. We will ‘overview’ a clients last four years and very often, we spot areas that can be improved, and from then, we will obtain a rebate.

  • What happens once the whole process is complete and I have received my rebate.

    Entirely up to yourself. We have many clients who use our service to simply take advantage of what we do i.e. carry out the full process, get the rebate secured, and then get it paid to them. And once that is complete they revert to using either their regular accountants or looking after their own affairs from that point. Alternatively we have lots of satisfied customers who simply decide to stay with us once they have seen the efficiency of our service and ask us to keep on top of their annual returns from that point forward. We are quite happy to do this and for an annual return service we charge a straight £299 per annum.

  • So you really only charge 25% on success? I don’t have to pay anything if I don’t get a rebate?

    Exactly. If we don’t get a rebate then everything we do for you, the whole process, the entire review, all the intricacies of our complete service, are free of charge. You do not pay a penny. This is why its so popular. There’s literally no risk of losing out. And upon success our commission is 25%. If there are other small fees for separate matters such as the one mentioned above then these are included in our fee structure. For instance an annual SA tax return is £299 which includes a full twelve months admin. Processing is £100. However for a straightforward rebate payout - it’s a straightforward 25%. Simple as that.

  • What type of business are you?

    We are an independent Tax Agents, based in central Glasgow and we cover the whole of the UK.

  • Will I have to fill out lots of forms and provide all my records?

    By filling out our online registration form we will then electronically register you as a client and from that point we obtain any information we need direct from HMRC. So its really a ‘hands off’ service for the clients. In many cases by the time we have secured the client their rebate they have actually done almost nothing since their initial registration. One or two emails and we usually have it sorted, bearing in mind of course that any figures you email to us must be verifiable by your own business records. On the occasions where we require paper records of previous returns we will obtain them on your behalf from HMRC. So no need to photocopy!

  • Do you know how much my rebate will be?

    We’ve usually got a good idea but HMRC does the final calculation.

  • If I get a refund, what happens to my payout?

    HMRC will electronically pay us directly We'll then deduct our commission and send the rest of the money to you. You should receive your money within seven days of it landing with us.

  • What if I’m not due a rebate?

    Once we've finished the entire process, we'll write and tell you we've finished and return any relevant paperwork to you. The good news however is that in these cases, there are no ‘hidden’ fees. It remains completely free.

  • How long does it take?

    Each case is unique and a lot depends on simply how busy HMRC are. However on average we have found that most cases are resolved within approx four to eight weeks of us making a submission on your behalf.

  • How far back can I make a claim?

    We can go back as far as four years. However we do have deadlines to beat so its important to claim as soon as you can.

  • I am self employed but haven’t claimed for any Business Mileage in the past 4 years, can you help?

    My goodness yes. Mileage is an area in which many people, especially the self employed get nowhere near there full entitlement. We will get you all of the money you’re entitled to back.

  • I don’t think my situation is straightforward?

    Don’t worry. We are more than used to a proportion of clients feeling a little overwhelmed. Just get in touch with a brief explanation. We can do the rest.

  • I don’t understand what a business expense is?

    Not a problem. Simply email us or give us a call for an informal chat. We’d be happy to advise you. Below, however, is a brief explanation of the basics.


    An introduction to expenses.


    Self-employed: expenses you CAN claim


    Travel and accommodation you can claim: 
    Running costs of a car or other vehicle, including petrol, car tax, insurance, repairs and servicing.

    • If you also use the car privately, you can claim only a proportion
    • This is usually the ratio of your business mileage to your total mileage
    • It's worth keeping a log of business mileage for a representative period as well as all bills.

    Travel and accommodation on business trips and between different places of work can be claimed as well.


    Dedicated business premises:

    The following can be claimed if you work from dedicated business premises:

    • Heating
    • Lighting
    • Cleaning
    • Water rates
    • Rent
    • Business rates
    • General maintenance


    Working from home:

    If you work from home you can claim a proportion of costs, such as lighting, heating, cleaning, insurance, mortgage interest, council tax, water rates and general maintenance.
    The proportion should be based on, say, the floor area or number of rooms used for business, and the proportion of the time it is used for business if it is not for exclusive use.


    Salaries and benefits you can claim:


    • Employees' wages and redundancy payments
    • Employer's National Insurance
    • Insurance and pension benefits for employees
    • Any employee childcare provision you make
    • The cost of training employees


    Self-employment: expenses you CAN'T claim


    Travel and accommodation you can't claim:


    • Travel between home and workplace
    • The cost of buying a vehicle (but may qualify for capital allowances)
    • Meals, except reasonable amount for breakfast and evening meals on overnight trips.



    You cannot claim the initial cost of buildings, alterations and improvements (such as extensions to house your business) – although such work may qualify for annual investment allowance or capital allowances.


    Salaries and benefits you can't claim:


    If you are self-employed you cannot claim your own wages, salary or other money drawn from the business.
    You are also excluded from claiming your own National Insurance contributions and income tax. your own pension costs, life insurance.

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