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This client is a self employed tiler. He has been self employed for several years and does a combination of CIS contracting work on main sites and self generated work for more regular clientele carrying out home improvements, bathrooms and kitchens and the like. He has occasionally received from HMRC an automatic self employed tax rebate due to having already suffered too much tax deducted at source from his contracting work, however due to unforeseen circumstances he had let his affairs slip with regards to his tax returns. Unusually, he both needed his current one doing, (which was out of date), and also one from a full four years ago doing. He had, shall we say, forgotten to do it. And here's the rub. This poor chap was currently sitting on an outstanding penalty fine from HMRC of £3119. And he was rightly worried. Because HMRC wanted their money. And he had no spare cash with which to pay his tax penalty.

Firstly, like all clients, we appointed him his 'OWN' tax agent. So that's his very own individual, working just for him. Not a huge confusing team, or an office number that he had to negotiate his way through just in order to get an update. One guy. One tax agent. All his and working exclusively on his case. That way he had a specific 'go - to' contact all the way through. We then contacted HMRC and explained that we were going to review the missing years and make some submissions and asked them to re register them in preparation. Once that was taken care of we went through our entire analytical process. We went through some questions and answers with the client, guided him through all his relevant earnings and expenses totals using his business records and bank statements and at the end of that we had enough information to be able to create two self assessment tax returns, all historically prepared in order to 'sync' with the missing years, and we then got them to our client and asked if he was happy with them. He was. (Worth a note here. We ALWAYS let you see our work before we submit it. We would NEVER submit something you weren't 100% happy with.)

Due to this we created a submission and then presented our calculations and our returns, on behalf of the client to HMRC.

And the end result of all that was in a very short time, in this case, around eight to ten weeks weeks, we were happy to inform our client that we had secured for them a self employed tax rebate of £8111.59. So not only did we manage to have cancelled out his £3119 tax penalty, we then were left with a remaining £4992.59 which was rebateable as a cash windfall.

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And remember, at no point did our client have to put their hand in their pocket. Their total involvement in the process was simply to press the 'claim now' link on this page and fill out their details and then press send. And that's it.

So how do you get a self employed tax rebate? Just do exactly the same.

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