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This client was a self employed worker. They were not involved in the construction industry, not registered with the CIS scheme, and like many others, was a regular, run of the mill self employed sole trader. They did their tax returns each year, showed their calculations and each year paid a small amount of tax. They had NEVER received a self employed tax rebate and frankly, they hadn't expected too as they were not the kind of worker that would have main contractors deducting tax at source.

So, it was all good. Right? Wrong. We were asked to handle a self employed tax return for this individual and so that's exactly what we did.

We carried out our process, all without the client paying a penny to us, and discovered that in previous years we identified areas that could be improved. This was due to their returns not taking full advantage of the many tax free allowances and expense categories that they were, in fact, entitled to. So our view was that in previous years this individual had in fact paid too much tax. So in addition to creating 'that' years self employed tax return, we did a re calculation of the previous years tax returns. We then got all of our work out to our client, showed him what our view was, and asked if he was happy for us to submit it. He was.

Subsequently, we then completed our submission and then presented our calculations, on behalf of the client to HMRC.

And the end result of all that was in a very short time, in this case, around nine weeks, we were happy to inform our client that we had secured for them a self employed tax rebate of £2515.

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And remember, at no point did our client have to put their hand in their pocket. Their total involvement in the process was simply to press the 'claim now' link on this page and fill out their details and then press send. And that's it.

So how do you get a self employed tax rebate? Just do exactly the same.

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