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This client came to us after having worked within the CIS scheme (construction industry scheme) for some time. He had been taking care of his own tax returns himself and each year he had been accurately calculating his income, the amounts that contractors had deducted, and of course all his expenses. These figures had been shown on his CIS tax returns and as a result each year he had received, what he thought was the correct amount of CIS tax rebate. However, he got to a point where he considered that his affairs could be different if they were handled by ourselves. So he gave us a call and asked us to take care of his upcoming CIS tax return.

This is what we did.

Like all the previous clients you have read about and indeed all the clients you haven't, we appointed him his 'OWN' tax agent.

We emailed him a questionaire which we asked him to fill out. This was covering all the figures connected to his last years trading. He got us his income, his outgoings and all his expenses from his business records and everything seemed in order and fairly ordinary. But one thing that jumped out was that the way his vehicle related expenses didn't seem to stack up. Sure all the 'traditional' expense had been calculated i.e. fuel, mechanics bills etc, and that was completely correct, but we then made him aware of the 'mileage allowance' method of calculating vehicle expense that can in many cases be far kinder financially to the client. In some cases we can get up to 45 pence per mile as tax relief.

And the end result of all that was in a very short time, in this case, around two months, we were happy to inform our client that we had made our CIS tax return submission, after of course, having him take a look and confirm he was happy with everything, and that we had secured for him a CIS tax rebate of £3852.73. A very healthy sum, and significantly higher than any rebate he had previously received, so he was very happy indeed.

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And remember, at no point did our client have to put their hand in their pocket. Their total involvement in the process was simply to press the 'claim now' link on this page and fill out their details and then press send. And that's it.

So how do you get a self employed tax rebate? Just do exactly the same.

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